Chemical Found In Colgate Toothpaste Linked To Cancer

One study has unfortunately shown that the Colgate toothpaste contained a very dangerous substance called “Triclosan” that has the ability to cause cancer cells in our body and other health issues.

This “Triclosan” substance stimulates the growing of the cancer cells, according to many studies that all ended with positive results about the connection between the toothpaste and cancer.

This dangerous substance penetrates the skin and disrupts the endocrine. The scariest thing is that in one study in 2009 there were tested 2600 individuals and 75% of them had this substance in their urine.




You need to know that the toothpaste isn’t the only products that contain “Triclosan”. Hand sanitizers, antiseptics and laundry detergents also contain this dangerous substance.

According to a study published in “Chemical Research”, if you use this chemical in high quantities, it has potential to cause cancer.

There have been a lot of studies that confirm these scary results, but the Colgate company claims that their products are perfectly safe to use and they continue to sell them. The only country where “Triclosan” is banned is Canada.

Many governments want to hide these facts about this substance and probably they are not going to do anything about it anytime soon. For that, we must take our health in own hands, always do research and avoid these products.



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