This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Only One Ingredient!

Ann Cameron, a famous author of 20 children`s books, “beat”  her Stage Four cancer with only one ingredient – Carrot Juice!

In one interview she said that she believes from her personal experience that carrots can cure cancer – without any radiation or chemotherapy.

In 2012,June, Ann did a surgery for Stage Three colon cancer. She decided to go against chemotherapy and she actually started feeling better, but this feeling didn’t last very long.

In a routine follow up, CT scan indicated lung cancer. Doctor told her that she has Stage Four colon cancer, which had metastasized to the lungs. She visited a lot of doctors and their prediction was two to three year life expectancy.




The Carrot Juice Which Saved Her Life

She started her healing process on 17th November when she saw on the internet a letter from R. Cole who claimed that he has cured his cancer only by drinking 3 kilograms of carrot juice per day.

Ann had no radiation and no chemotherapy except the carrot juice. While she was drinking carrot juice she continued to eat some meat and sometimes some unhealthy foods like ice cream.

The final result was after 8 months when her doctor told her that she is cancer free.

We must remember that sometimes conventional medicine is not the only way to cure a disease. When we give some vitamins and minerals to our body we help it to rejuvenate itself.



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