9 Amazing Ways Consuming Celery In The Evening Will Improve Your Life!

The majority of people aren’t fully aware of the health benefits provided by celery. Believe it or not, aside from having a great nutritional value, celery can provide tons of other health benefits as well.

Down below we’ve made a list of the top 9 health benefits that celery can provide if consumed in the evening! Check them out:

  1. It Relieves Inflammation

Celery contains plenty of antioxidants and polyphenols which can provide a pain relief in patients who suffer from joint pain, inflammation and asthma.

  1. It Treats Bad Cholesterol

Thanks to an ingredient by the name of butylphthalide found in celery, it can lower the levels of bad cholesterol by 7%.

  1. It Improves Digestion

Celery is known for being rich in water and insoluble fiber, making it great for improving digestion and regulating stool. It is also known for having incredible cleansing properties.

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Celery boosts the circulation by 14% because of its active compounds known as “phthalides”, which also reduce the stress hormones in the blood with regular consumption.

  1. It Helps Lose Weight

Consuming 1 celery stalk will provide you with 10 calories, while the rest of it is water. This means that consuming it more often will reduce your caloric intake.

  1. It Reduces Stress

Just a 100 mg. of celery contains 11 mg. of magnesium, which makes it ideal for reducing stress and relaxing the nerves as a result of the essential oils it contains.

  1. It Balances Alkaline Levels

Consuming celery on daily basis will prevent your body from entering an acidic state and with this, it will help you maintain healthy pH levels.

  1. Increases Libido

Consuming celery will improve your sex life as a result of 2 key sex pheromones found in celery which are androstenone and androstenol.

  1. Helps Treat Cancer

According to numerous studies, celery delays the formation of breast cancer and inhibits the growth of the cancer cells in pancreas and colorectal area. This is thanks to a flavonoid known as luteolin.

Additional Tips: It is worth noting that the darker the color of the celery is, the stronger its taste is.

Also it is highly recommended that you steam the celery in order to reap most of the benefits from it.

Article Source: www.naturalhealthyway.com

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