These Are The 14 Signs That Show You That You Have High Blood Sugar

The blood sugar is the major source of energy for most of the cells in our body.

The blood sugar actually is showing us how much glucose we have in our blood.

So high blood glucose is caused by the body not being able to use the glucose properly, it’s type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is when the body has no insufficient amounts of glucose. It is really not good if you are in this condition in a long period, like a month or even years, just because it can damage certain body parts.

The condition with diabetes, or known as high blood sugar can be caused by many different things, but mostly:

-certain medicines


-missing or taking a wrong dose of the medicaments for diabetes

-lack of exercise



But it doesn’t always have to mean that you have diabetes if you have high blood sugar. Sometimes it can be really just high blood sugar, we can show you that with the following examples of how would you know if it is just high blood sugar:

-increased thirst

-nerve problems

-dry and itchy skin


-slow healing of cuts

-blurred vision

-dry mouth

-stomach problems.

But you can help yourself with the high blood sugar also with the food you consume. That means that you should consume food that’s Glycemic. Glymecic has a short term as GI and it shows us how many carbs are in the food we consume. It can go from 0 to 100 carbs.

So we will give you some low GI things you could eat if u want to reduce the high blood sugar. The carbs in the low GI food goes from 0 to 54:

-egg: 0

-cup of hummus: 6

-one cup of broccoli: 10

-a cup of walnuts: 15

-one cup of yogurt: 23

-8 ounces of tomato juice: 38

-a cup of cherries: 22

-an apple: 38

-eight ounces of pineapple juice: 46

-a carrot: 47

-one medium orange: 48

-large grapefruit: 50

-large banana: 52

-a cup of peas:54

There is also moderate GI food, that goes with carbs from 55 to 69, and you should consume it moderate:

-brown rice: 55

-ats of raw honey: 55

-a cup of regular white rice: 64

-serving for one mac&cheese: 64

And the highest GI foods are the ones between 70 and 100, and you should really try to avoid to consume them, just because they can cause some health problems:

-white bread:72

– 2 cups of popcorn: 72

– a rice cake: 75

– baked potato, middle: 85

-50 grams of glucose: 100

The diet that we are using as healthy treatment to our body should always be good, just because we don’t want some health problems. So I really hope that you could maintain health balance with a little help from our chart.



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