Got Back Pain? The Secret To Get Rid Of It Is In Your Feet! Do These 5 Exercises In Just 15 Minutes And You Will Be Relieved

People often don’t pay much attention to their feet, just if something is happening to them because we are not aware of how important they actually are for our health.

Keeping the feet healthy, will keep your entire body healthy!

The term gait refers to the cycle of walking, which normally starts from the feet. So that’s how we actually see how important all of this is to take good care of them!

I got the 5 right exercises for you if you got horrible, horrible back pain. Check them out!

  1. Toe Presses

Before starting any exercise, the feet must be warmed up or any body part you are exercising, but as you know, now we speak about our feet. So all you have to do is press your toes on the ground, bend your knees and hold on like that for 3 seconds, but you should repeat it 3 times. This is a good exercise to do it around 3 times on daily basis.

2.Toe walking

Toe walking is one of the most effective ways for getting strong muscles, especially those around our feet. So all you have to do is get on your tiptoes, walk around about 20 seconds and then take a break around 10 seconds, repeat this 5 times.

3.Ankle circles

Your ankles should not be so tight because it’s not good for your feet. So for this exercise, all you have to do is lay back on the floor, and put one leg over you and then just rotate your ankle just like the clock goes. Then you switch with the other leg. You can repeat this couple of times.

4.Resisted Flexion

This is an exercise for the tiny muscles in your feet. If they are strong enough you can maintain good balance.

All you have to do is sit on the floor with the feet straightened out in front of your body. Wrap an exercise band around a chair and then put the band on your feet.  Slide back while sitting on the floor until you feel the tension in the band.  Bend the foot backward and hold for five seconds.

Repeat 10 times.

5.Toe Pencil Pickups

This is an easy exercise. All you have to do is pick up a pen off the ground with your toes. You should try and pick up the pencil about 5 times with each foot.

So I recommend to you all to try these exercises, cause it will take just 15 minutes of your time. You might be thankful for coming upon this article.



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