If You Have Any Of These 6 Symptoms You Might Get a Heart Attack In The Next Month

Many people might think that heart attacks are not so often, but guess what?

Death caused by heart attack is caused way more than cancer is causing it. Over 25 % of deaths in 2008 were caused by heart attack, that means one person in 4.

The coronary heart disease hits men more than it does women. The numbers are really high, for the first time, it is happening to around 785,000 people per year, and to 470,000 people that have it for the second time or have survived more heart attacks.

The top three reasons that are causing heart attack are smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The major thing about the heart attacks is that over 92% happens outside the hospital, and just around 27% of the people who are getting one can actually feel it and call 911.

So I can show you the most common symptoms of heart attack.

  1. Chest discomfort

Chest discomfort can come in many different forms, it can be like pinching, burning sensation or feeling huge pressure in your chest. But also it doesn’t always have to mean that you will get these sing because most commonly women don’t get chest pressure.

2.Persistent cough

A persistent cough can be the major sign of heart attack, especially if it goes on longer time. It is a result of the blood that is accumulated in the lungs, so the blood that is stuck in there is not being able to go to the other body parts. You should pay attention to it.


Unexplained fatigue can also be one of the signs of heart attack. Because the arteries start to close up and the heart is working as hard as it can. So it gets exhausted and you might sleep longer or even take a couple of naps a day.


In a case when the heart is not working properly the blood circulation is restricted, so it’s causing lack of oxygen. When you get symptoms of dizziness in this kind of situations you should immediately go and ask for medical help.

5.Shortness of Breath

It happens because the heart and the lungs work together, so when the lungs are getting tired and you are not inhaling properly it might be a sign that you can get a heart attack, so also you should visit your doctor.


If the heart is struggling to pump blood it can cause swelling, resulting in bloating- as one of the effects. Legs, feet and ankles are the major body parts that can show swelling just because they are the most far away from the heart. So pay attention!


Source: http://www.365naturalhealthyfood.com/symptoms-heart-attack/

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