Want To Remove 20 Pounds From Your Colon?! Use These 2 Ingredients

Every day more people suffer from colon disease, it’s mostly caused because people don’t have healthy eating habits. Actually, there are techniques that can help you get over this, but not many people are able to afford them.

So guess what?! We can show you all natural method for this situation. Because we think that it is also a better option to use natural medication, than conventional medicine techniques. Mostly because it doesn’t make any side effects.

So we got the perfect recipe, not just to cleanse your colon, but also you would be able to lose 20 pounds!

Here are the ingredients for the recipe:

-One cup of water

-One apple

-One tablespoon flaxseed

-One tablespoon of honey

-One tablespoon of chia seeds.

Preparation and usage:

First of all, you need to wash the apple, as usual, and chop it into tiny pieces after you do this remove the seeds. Then put it in a blender with the water and the honey. You should blend these ingredients really well and then at the end you just add the chia seeds and flaxseed and stir for several minutes using a teaspoon.

You should consume these drink three weeks in a row, once a day and you will see the results!


Source: http://healthy-bar.com/remove-20-pounds-of-toxins-from-your-colon-with-only-2-ingredients/

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