Want To Whiten Your Teeth In A Natural Way? Also Get Help With Gum Disease And Heal Cavities? This Is Article Is For You!

We all know that there are many ways and kinds of toothpaste out there on the market to make your teeth whiter, but as we know they can be a little bit too expensive and also have fluoride in their content.

So we have the real deal for you, yes you read that right!

You can make this naturally and at home, so here are the needed ingredients:

-A tablespoon of neem powder;

-3 tablespoons of baking soda;

-A tablespoon xylitol, just so you can get better taste;

-15 drops of mint essential oil;

-3 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil;


The way to prepare a paste is when you mix all the ingredients together, and then put them in a jar. Just be careful with the temperature where the jar is standing, because the coconut oil might harden.


Just like any toothpaste you are using, this one also should be used at least 3 times a day.  You will be amazed by the results after the usage.


Source: http://www.365naturalhealthyfood.com/heal-cavities-gum-disease-whiten-teeth-natural-homemade-toothpaste/

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