This Teen Is Battling Chron’s Disease With Cannabis Treatment

A young teenager was saved from drowning in a lake, but his lungs got full with water, he got bacteria and that might be the reason for getting the Chron’s disease.

Chron’s disease is an extremely of the bowels and intestines that can be terminal.

So I guess you all have a question, the Chron’s disease side effect or antibiotic treatment?

The infection that the teenager got was explained to him by his doctor, so he gave him some antibiotics. But the truth is even though his treatment was all with antibiotics they turned to useless drugs with powerful side effects. Lindita Rrhmani left a comment on the MAM facebook page and her opinion was that he got a bacterial infection that caused the disease, but no Big Pharma paid to the teenager’s doctor so he can use their antibiotics and they caused him the disease.

Because most of the parasites that you can get from drowning and if u survive can be gone in a week, or two after strong treatment.

So one day the teenager and his family decided to try out medical marijuana.

Just because he was getting worse day by day. Just before it was legal to use medical marijuana the teenager said that he would better be illegally alive, than legally dead. And I think that no words scream louder medical marijuana help than those.

But guess what? It turns out that Coltyn’s (the teenager) case is not the only one.

There are many other Chron’s cannabis connections, that show that the cannabis is really helpful with no side effects. Some victims of the disease have told that they even smoke pot, just so they can take the pain away and it makes them feel really better, also to stay away from the wrong treatments and pharmacists.

There is the story about Shona Banda, her disease got so bad that even some parts of her were removed and she was just waiting to die. But she came across an article about how someone cured cancer with cannabis. Too bad that she was living in Kansas, so the medical marijuana wasn’t legal there yet.

She moved to Colorado for a while and she felt better, but then she had to go back to Kansas because she had worked there and also her husband. She wrote a book “Live free or die”. And one day her son finally slipped how she is still consuming cannabis. Little boys can say things sometimes because they are little right?

So she got charged in Kansas for a couple of things that were connected with the cannabis and that she found a cure in it.

It’s a sad thing, how u find a cure and then because u are not connected to the Medical Mafia u can get a couple of things taken away.

But the truth is you should never stop the fight if you want to see better tomorrow!



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