Tommy Chong Has Announced It That He Is CANCER FREE! Thanks To The Hemp Oil And The Right Diet

For millions of people around the world, cancer is one of the scariest diseases when they hear it. Most people immediately connect it with death. Some speak about it openly, while other like to keep it in private.

But also you are not the only one who connects cancer with death, in many occasions the doctors don’t know how to announce it, you get scared and oh well the list of negativity about that one is so long.

Canadian actor Tommy Chong, from the “Cheech and Chong” has diagnosed with cancer and he actually saw it as a wake-up call. He thought that this was his time so he can step a little bit back and start living a healthy life.

SO that was it, in 2013 he announced that he is cancer-free. Now that’s a miracle or no? He said it was all thanks to his disciplined diet and the use of hemp (hash) oil.

He was personally sharing information on his blog, so in one occasion he shared how the treatment for his curing could be done just somewhere in Mexico for 25k dollars. He could’ve done that, but he decided to go on his own way. He met Dr. McKinnon.

Chong got a new diet plan and supplement routine, so in a year he brought his Prostate-Specific Antigen test numbers down, which meant that the cancer is no longer threatening him.

Even tho Chong revealed that he was using marijuana and hemp oil, the hemp oil was also plan of his diet. Also as a part of the healing program, he had a session with Adam Dreamhealer, he is the world famous guy with healing energy.

All of the Dreamhealer’s sessions are working together and putting positivity into your body and your soul. Actually, this type of healing is least common around the people, but Chong decided to go for it, even if it was only 1 session.

There are many ways that people can heal emotionally and also they can relief from the stress, but sadly with the lifestyle most of us have you need so much patience and a strong mind to do it.


He even wrote on Twitter that the magic plant can really help cure cancer with the right diet and thoughts.

But there are thoughts from people all over the world about this situation and many more of this kind.

In fact, there is a lack of research in the curing diseases naturally. Some things hold back the movement and it actually affects millions of people.

At least if someone that has cancer, while staying at the hospital should get the right diet plan and should be boosted up more emotionally, just because it can help get over it and who knows maybe get cured.

But while we speak for the emotional health, it’s all caused because of stress, and then after stress comes the lack of using the right diet, just because we sometimes can make poor decisions. Most of the people that cured cancer naturally are indeed those who can set up straight mind and positive thoughts. But the sad thing is not many can do it. Especially if u know that the rate of deaths caused by cancer is so high.

But however Chong’s experience is many of the experiences we have thanks to the natural healing, so many people should take it as an example. Maybe this whole method is not good work out, but it hopefully will be.

However, if u are visiting a doctor you shouldn’t stop taking the treatment he is giving you. Just set up a positive mind and hope for the best!



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